Visitors Will Say “WOW!‘’


Super COOL, vibrant and fun 

The Boyne Heritage Center will be a well-planned interesting attraction that people will want to visit. Exhibits will be memorable, educational, engaging and entertaining. We will strive to be unique and different from other museums — game changers in how our stories are told and a mirror of Boyne’s creativity and energy. The result will be an expressive living voice of our history, and visitors will feel transported through time as they experience the exhibits.

Exhibit design:
“Boyne Before Us”


The history of the Boyne region is a record of peoples’ stewardship (and exploitation) of the landscape. 



The extraordinary gifts of the land and waters attracted people over thousands of years to the Boyne region. These gifts included the soils, the spring waters, the wildlife, and the trees. After settlement in the early 1800s, the explosive harvest of these gifts – lumbering, fishing and hunting, industry – built the region but left the land and waters degraded and abandoned. In revival, the Boyne community has embraced a sustainable economy that enjoys, protects and shares its gifts with the future.

Share, partner and collaborate

It’s our goal to be an information hub for all things historical in our area, sharing knowledge, resources, energy and ideas. We will collaborate with the library, schools, civic groups, other historical organizations and the business community. We will be creative in our thinking for new partnerships that share in our vision or tie in with our area’s history.


Education, programming and services

Boyne Heritage Center will offer informative activities, programs and services to preserve and promote the history of our area. These activities may be held at the heritage center as well as other venues in the area. Activities will be open and available to the public, and could include lectures, classes, exhibits, traveling exhibits, dinners, events, school tours, historical tours out of our area, research services and demonstrations.

What we build today is our heritage tomorrow.