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Be a Part of History

Boyne Heritage Center Ambassador

Michelle Cortright


The Boyne Heritage Center will develop an organized pool of volunteers to help with tasks such as admissions, retail, docents, and assistance with events and programming, demonstrations, lectures, outreach activities. 


The ambassador program enlists well-known faces and trusted voices in the community to help raise awareness and credibility for the project with their public support. This offers a unique level of engagement for those passionate about supporting the project but unable to serve on more traditional (and more time-consuming) boards and committees.


Board of Directors

Kecia Freed, President

Gow Litzenburger, Vice President

Julie Hasse, Secretary

Deb Jason, Treasurer

Patrick McCleary, Director of Collections

Ingrid Day

Mike Cain, City Liaison | 231-582-0377

Kendra Lake

Mike LeMay

Kathy Galbraith

Len DiLaura

Vicki DiLaura

If you're interested in volunteering, email


This is our chance to make history.

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