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Exhibit Plans

The Boyne Heritage Center's exhibit plan rendering.

Full Exhibits

This is our full exhibit concept rendering. While the final exhibit may look different, we aim to include the many elements of the Boyne area's history in seven sections. Each section will immerse you in a unique theme and period of Boyne's history. Click the image to see the full document.

Current Status

The first section we will install is the glass room featuring the 1917 LaFrance fire engine and 1905 Town Clock. Informational panels and banners will provide extra context, while hands-on components will give visitors the chance to experience history for themselves. Full plans can be found here. Currently, we are preparing materials for fabrication and installation. We aim to finish this project by the end of November.

1917 LaFrance Fire Engine and glass display room
Boyne City clock tower with 1905 town clock

The Future

The Boyne Heritage Center is actively raising funds to continue building our exhibit. The finished exhibit will be an interactive hub for Boyne area history. It will also create an anchor point from where we can bring our shared history to life with programs and events. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our progress!

Let's save and share Boyne's stories

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